Lana Faulkner
Licensed Real Estate Agent

0423 709 709

Getting To Know Me

Lana Faulkner is at the cutting edge of real estate marketing and property sales. She is a successful Real Estate Agent, Marketing Specialist, Expert Negotiator, Business Owner, Licensed Auctioneer & Justice of the Peace. Her experience is varied, yet it has been indelibly tied, one way or another, to the real estate industry since 2006.

Her honesty and reputation in business is impeccable and at all times they will maintain a high degree of composure, professionalism and respect for those she deals with. Lana has demonstrated an ability to communicate with, and relate to people from all walks of life and of all ages. This is yet another attribute that allows her to stand out in their chosen profession.

Although Lana is vastly experienced in the Real Estate industry education is top of mind, always immersing herself in continual professional development of the highest quality. To keep up with the latest trends in marketing she is trained and supported by one of the leading real estate marketing companies in Australia. Undoubtedly they can fulfill her property owners needs and will always gain the best possible outcome for her.

With her greatest strengths being creativity, integrity, drive and leadership they thrive on challenges, particularly those that expand the company's reach and develop innovative ways to assist her clients. Lana is the sole founder of a Gold Coast Charity 'Get on Board - Hope, Help, Health', a 100% not-for-profit organisation. With her husbands support they have been involved in her charity work since 2012 and have coordinated a number of events such as fun runs, morning teas and luncheons to bring the local community together to help fellow Gold Coast residents fighting cancer.

With a proven sales record and testimonials that speak for themselves, Lana and her 'can do' attitude makes up the dynamic, accomplished agent she is. She can be depended on to not only get the job done for you but exceed your expectations with service!

Ethical - Integral - Reliable - Honest